So many stories. But our team handles each project with attention to detail it deserves.

We like helping people craft visual narratives. Everyone.
From small startups to Fortune 500 Companies.

This long-standing relationship resulted in more than a dozen enhanced exhibits for digital publications. Some of our favourites include Covid-19, Cognition and Data & Digital Platform.

We supported over 150 (and counting!) talented TED speakers with the visual aspects of their storytelling. Covering topics such as Antibiotic-free Feed up
to Biomedical Innovations.

Experimenting with diverse layouts and color palettes, we developed a Corporate Template. King’s crew feels confident using new branded slides as they go forward.

We had a chance to design compelling narratives using 3D animations and beautiful imagery. All of the above was to promote the innovative Smart Clothing solution.

Our team redesigned the PowerPoint Template and developed useful custom iconography. Integrating all with Google Slides.

Our long-term collaboration began with designing a template based on McDonald’s brand book. What they praised most is numerous options for slides and easily editable content.

This ongoing and fruitful collaboration involved upgrading slides in line with branding. The key factor here was a quick turnaround on monthly basis.

Our partnership began with redesigning branded slides focused on a treatment targeting cancer. We helped out with the promotion of Avastin® therapy.

We tried out various visual styles and created a practical and elegant Corporate Template. It successfully speeds up the process of creating new slides.

Starting with tweaking the existing infographics through creating a brand new template. We’re now happy to be an ongoing design partner for TruValue Labs.

Upon analyzing their current content our team created a visually striking template.
In order to boost product promotion we also designed a branded PowerPoint deck.

Our team helped out with enforcing Transperfect’s marketing & sales strategy. During the process we developed a unique Corporate Template that corresponds with their brand identity.